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Students will be word wizards after they've completed this lesson of vocabulary and spelling games and activities.


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Update Standards?

3.3.7: Standards for the 21st-Century Learner

Respect the principles of intellectual freedom.

3.3.7: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Identify and discuss works of art from different cultures that contribute to the history and art heritage of the District of Columbia.

3.3.7: District of Columbia Physical Education Standards

Measure and record changes in aerobic capacity and muscular strength, using scientifically based health-related physical fitness assessments.

3.3.7: Indiana's Academic Standards Social Studies

Describe how climate and the physical characteristics of a region affect the vegetation and animal life living there.

3.3.7: Indiana's Academic Standards English/Language Arts

Compare and contrast versions of the same stories from different cultures.

3.3.7: Louisiana PreK-Grade 12 Social Studies

Locate specific places on a map using a simple grid system

3.3.7: Social Studies High School Content Expectations v.10.07

Explain the role of state constitutions in state governments.
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