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Edteach current issues technology K-12 voicethread



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Taylor LeCorgne
October 23, 2011

-sounded as if you were unsure some of the time on how to use the program making it hard to follow.
-the filming of the family guy images in the beginning was a great way to start the video.
-would have been nice to see examples of other people's voice threads
-music in the back ground was at a perfect loudness, as it did not take away from the video at all.

Allyson Fox
October 12, 2011

I really liked this video. It was very clean and easy to understand. I also really like your intro and Family Guy cartoons to depict voicethread. It made the video entertaining provided comedy to a topic that could be very try.

-One thing that could be change is the length. It was very long, which could lose some people's attention
-You could also shorten the tutorials. I feel like people would get the point if they were not as long
-I would also take out some of the music. It got a little distracting

Daniela Alvarado
October 9, 2011

- I really liked how the audio, I feel like I understood everything perfect.
- I also really liked the pictures. They went very well with the presentation and they kept my attention.

- One thing that could be changed is the end of the tutorial. I didnt like how it was ended, It made it seems like you guys were tired of it.
- I think next time you could show a voice thread that would actually be used in a classroom setting.

Brandalyn Williams
October 2, 2011

I like your video because it was very eye catching with the graphics, headings, and cartoons. In the beginning of the video you guys were very enthusiastic about what you were speaking about. However, I noticed I few stumbles so I would suggest improving the fluidity in some spots. The directions were clear but a little too informative or detailed.

I enjoyed the music in the background but then it became very distracting as I was trying to listen to the directions. I would recommend something more subtle or no music for the last two minutes of the video. In some spots it seems as though there was more confidence or firmness when giving certain directions. I would suggest to try to remain upbeat and confident throughout the course of the presentation. I honestly enjoyed the presentation, it was very creative.

Brandon Beaudoin
September 28, 2011

I'm giving the video 4 stars. The reason is because when we started, we had no direction or really time to plan. The directions seemed very vague and it took a week to figure out the guidelines. One we figured that out, we didn't have a week until it was due (and knowing how long it takes to edit music/video, we had hardly any time) so we did the 5 minute tutorial first, not realizing the family guy idea with the cartoons would come later, so we couldn't incorporate family guy into both videos. But it turned out better than expected admittedly. Although, it was tough being the "guinea pigs" =P

Emily Robertson
September 28, 2011

You guys did a great job on the video! I thought it was put together and edited very well. The use of the cutout cartoons at the beginning really captures and kept my attention.

I did find the actual demonstration of VoiceThread to be a little confusing and I was not able to completely follow it the whole way through. Also, I am not sure how VoiceThread is to be incorporated into the classroom.

Rebecca Blitch
September 28, 2011

Awesome video! I loved the beginning. It was engaging, funny and to the point. It was easy to follow and understand. The music was at a good level so it wouldn't interfere with the narration.
For improvement, the demonstration portion of the video could have organized a little better. I felt as though your thoughts were a little scattered and not as concise as the beginning.
Great job!!!

Kristofer Kraul
September 28, 2011

Nice video. You did a great job connecting to the audience through the use of Family Guy cartoons which most people know. The intro with the overall information was very nice. The only thing I would say about that would be to be consistent in the use of still vs video shots for each of the sections. The demonstration could have been a little more structured, you could tell when things got a little jumbled up, but hey, that's to be expected! What I did enjoy about the demonstrative section was the casualness of the conversation. This also helps the viewer to connect and feel the thought process. The volume of music was just right, and I really liked how you increased the volume at the end of the Voicethread demonstration. The pacing at the end was almost a little too quick, but I liked the change in pace from the demonstration.

danielle Nathan
September 27, 2011

This video is really good! I love that you used Family Guy cut outs because it keeps the audience engaged. Also, the narration was very clear and easy to understand. The music didn't over power anything and you both spoke very clearly.

In terms of improvement, the demonstration part could have been a little more professional and thought out. I am still confused on how to incorporate this into a classroom and how it is different than Facebook or a similar website.

Thomas Morrell
September 27, 2011

Great video. The use of the Family Guy cartoon cut outs were a great idea. Everyone knows Family Guy and everyone will be interested in what you have to say.
The voice over was also a good idea. It showed the audience how and what to do.

The information session lagged a little but still short enough to keep the audience's attention. It would have been cool if you explained why Family Guy was used throughout the presentation. Maybe a reference or video clip etc. Still a great job though.

Rachel Miller
September 27, 2011

Great job! I really liked the video and I thought it was engaging and funny. I liked the visual style of the cut-outs. I thought the directions were clear and easy to understand.

In terms of improvement, I thought the video was a bit long and the lighting in some parts made it difficult to view. This can be easily fixed though. Also, I thought the background music was kind of distracting, even though it was soft. Maybe taking away the background music would help the viewer focus in more on the topic at hand.

Tori Nelson
September 27, 2011

The video was very entertaining, even engaging my short attention span. I especially enjoyed the narration style and how the speech was directed toward the audience.

In regards to improvement, I would recommend shortening the tutorial or making the tutorial involve more data. The tutorial could also be sped up and could have contained more information in regards to classroom implementation.

Jessica Smith
September 27, 2011

The video quickly caught my attention with the Family Guy characters. I also like the background music. Even though there is a lot of information being explained, I do not feel overwhelmed. In fact it was kind of relaxing.
The part where you are explaining how to use Voice Thread is a little confusing o me. Maybe its because I have never heard of it before. Also, I am still not completely sure how this is used in the real world.

Alison Schultheis
September 27, 2011

Y'all did such a great job! I really liked the cut outs you used, they were entertaining. I also liked how informative the video was. You spoke clearly and the directions to use Voice Thread were easily understood.

The tutorial was a little bit long, but I understand that you needed to be able to explain everything. Also, I think it would have been entertaining to somehow incorporate the Family Guy references in the beginning into the tutorial.

Overall though, I think this was a really well done video. Great job!

Austyn Smith
September 27, 2011

It's never fun being the "guinea pig". Please understand, time was against us on this one. 5 days with 6 hrs (minimim) of work at a time went in to this. I would like to give Brandon the bulk of the credit for this though. Even if the video was mediocre, the amount of work he put in was unbelievable. He used some very technical programs (about 5 or six of them) to accomplish this and it required a lot of patience and focus.

One that I would say if we had more time we would have made the tutorial a seperate video. I think we tried to explain so much in a little bit of time and it took away from the quality. Also the next time we will keep it to one person talking. owever I feel we did explain the product enough to where a viewer would have some idea of what to do (again 5-7 minutes is not enough to fully explain).

hopefully this video is informative to you all. Thanks for your time

Abby Lindsley
September 27, 2011

You guys did a great job with this video! I thought it was very funny and it kept me entertained the entire time. I thought the flow of the video was great and the background music was a definite plus! Also, I learned a lot about how to use Voice Thread so you guys definitely did your job!

If I had to make some suggestions on how to improve your video it would be to cut down on how to use Voice Thread. Maybe if you guys just gave a brief overview, it would've gave the same outcome. Also, I didn't grasp the idea on how teachers could use this in their classroom; I just learned how to use it.

Elisabeth Emery
September 27, 2011

I thought the video was very well done. I liked the music and how it did not drown out the audio. The audio was also very clear and I feel like you guys have good voices for narrating. I enjoyed the cartoons and how they were all Family Guy related. It did get a little slow and seem somewhat unorganized toward the end but you did well dealing with it.

Amanda Harvie
September 26, 2011

Positive comments:
1. The audio was very clear; it was easy to understand what was being said.
2. The Family Guy graphics that went along with the audio made the presentation enjoyable.
Areas of Improvement:
1. The URL of the Voicethread website was not clearly stated and the picture of it was a little blurry so I would make it more clear either visually or it should be stated by the presenter.
2. I would have liked to hear the audio from the Berlin Voicethread example so I could get a better idea of how Voicethread works. I would suggest that the presenters stop the music and commentary during the example and then resume it afterwards.

Overall you guys did an awesome job!

Kyesia Shavers
September 25, 2011

As far as editing and transitions I thought that the video was great. The tutorial was well explained and the introduction was a great attention grabber.
However, I thought the tutorial took a little longer than my attention span would have liked. I also would have liked for visuals that actually showed how teachers used voicethread in relation to teaching and learning. I am still not exactly sure why I would use voicethread even though I now know how.

Joshua Ray
September 25, 2011

Your video began strong and ended strong, with high energy. The cut outs being slid across the screen created a momentum that grabs interest. I felt I wanted to know about voice thread during the intro. Also, both voices were strong and clear. Sometimes I see a video for explaining something, and I cannot hear the presenter. You did a great being clear.
Once the tutorial began, the beginning did not make sense. I would have liked to see family guy used in a relevant way. Also, when the voices changed, I expected it to mean something, such as a transition, but sometimes it did not. This made parts of the video confusing.

Alyssa Prats
September 24, 2011

Awesome job guys! The video was impressive, and I wish I had your editing skills! I also love that you addressed the questions directly so I could follow along.

I thought that the "demonstration" portion of the video could have been more edited/professional. I am also still confused about the purpose of voice thread and how it differs from other social media. But great work fellas!

Rachel Wolf
September 22, 2011

The video was very well put together. I enjoyed the "Family Guy" theme, which helped make the video very amusing. I am also glad that the topic of VoiceThread was chosen. It is a really cool feature and I can see it being helpful in a classroom.

While the tutorial was very informative, it was a little long. Also, it would have been nice to see more examples of VoiceThreads, but there may not have been enough time.

Chris Frey
September 21, 2011

Your video was engaging the entire time! You guys did a great job explaining each step to creating a voice thread in a methodically and logically manner.

Cutting the explaining on the tutorial might make more engaging.

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