Oral Presentation Rubric: Walk North Dakota

Project Description
This assignment was part of a project called Walk North Dakota. Students wore a digital step counter all day for several weeks to monitor their level of exercise.

Students will work in small groups to present and teach a physical education lesson that they have designed. This lesson will be presented to their classmates. Lesson goals:

Students must have at least 1200 steps at end of a 30 minute class period.
Students must include a rhythmic activity in their lesson. Students may use the internet to look for new games and activities.

Rubric Information
Rubric TitleWalk North Dakota
Rubric ID104536
Teacher NameRhonda Herauf
SchoolTaylor-Richardton Elementary

Project Includes

StandardsNPH.K-12.1: Movement Form
NPH.K-12.2: Movement Concepts
NPH.K-12.4: Physical Fitness
Teacher TipsOverall, I felt the rubric was successful - I may have changed or taken out the Speaks Clearly category and rated the speed and volume of the speech during the presentation.

RubiStar made it much easier to set up a rubric. It saved me a ton of time.

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