Students in groups of 2-3 are charged with making posters that explain the role of water in key processes within selected Earth environments. Each group will be given a poster board. Student groups will chose from a list of possible environments: 1) upper mantle; 2) role of water in the asthenosphere; 3) hydrothermal systems at spreading centers; 4) water in subducting slabs to ~100 km; 5) arc magma generation; 6) water in subducting deep slabs; 7) water in the lower mantle (reactions with metallic iron to form hydrous phases); 8) water in the mantle transition zone; 9) continental basins; 10) upper crust/ground water; 11) mid-continental crust; 12) water in fault zones; 13) interaction of climate and tectonics; 14) origin of Earth's water. [By the end of the semester I should know student well enough that I can help guide students toward topics of appropriate interest/difficulty as necessary]. Posters will include: a) a concise statement of: the environment, and the key process(es) in which water plays a role (I prefer that the students stick to one major process if possible); b) concept maps/logic diagrams as a means to organize the key questions, processes, information, 'knowns', and unknowns; c) figures/illustrations to elucidate key concepts; d) concise text to guide the reader through the poster; e) unanswered questions/concerns; f) one or two key references; g) a complete list of references. Posters will be displayed on a public location in on campus. (We have a wonderful extra-wide hallway/alcove the Department of Geological Sciences that serves this purpose). Each student will view each of the class posters and submit a written evaluation of each poster. Evaluation will follow specific items including content, clarity, value of visuals, and creativity. To focus students' evaluation we will have an evaluation form that is consistent throughout the semester, used for all poster project activities. (past experience tells me the form will evolve). Evaluations will be signed, and all evaluations will be shared with the co-authors of the appropriate poster. As a class we will have a guided group discussion of the individual environments and the connections between environments. Poster authors will help guide discussion/answer questions during the discussion of their environment. The discussion will take place instead of a final exam, but during the scheduled exam time (2 hours). Beginning reference materials: I am in the process of gathering appropriate reference material to get students started. A preliminary list follows:


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