Corresponding Assessments for the Hands-on Waves, Sound, and Light unit.


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waveforms measures of a wave interference reflection standing waves refraction diffraction Doppler shift bow/shock waves sound transmission wave speed loudness and pitch resonance beats electromagnetic spectrum speed of light luminous bodies transparent materials color pigments shadows polarization mirrors images lenses and the eyeball



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SCI.9-12.PS-1.1: Science

Generate hypotheses on the basis of credible, accurate, and relevant sources of scientific information.

SCI.9-12.PS-1.2: Science

Use appropriate laboratory apparatuses, technology, and techniques safely and accurately when conducting a scientific investigation.

SCI.9-12.PS-1.3: Science

Use scientific instruments to record measurement data in appropriate metric units that reflect the precision and accuracy of each particular instrument.

SCI.9-12.PS-1.4: Science

Design a scientific investigation with appropriate methods of control to test a hypothesis (including independent and dependent variables), and evaluate the designs of sample investigations.

SCI.9-12.PS-1.5: Science

Organize and interpret the data from a controlled scientific investigation by using mathematics (including formulas and dimensional analysis), graphs, models, and/or technology.

SCI.9-12.PS-1.6: Science

Evaluate the results of a controlled scientific investigation in terms of whether they refute or verify the hypothesis.

SCI.9-12.PS-1.7: Science

Evaluate a technological design or product on the basis of designated criteria (including cost, time, and materials).

SCI.9-12.PS-1.8: Science

Compare the processes of scientific investigation and technological design.

SCI.9-12.PS-1.9: Science

Use appropriate safety procedures when conducting investigations.
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