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These lessons are used as introduction for young writers to use a writer's notebook and learn the writing process. These lessons will lead to writing the personal narrative. This resource is part of the Personal Narrative collection.


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personal narrative quickwrite writers workshop



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Personal Narrative
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LA.1-3.LS-F1: Language Arts (Listening and Speaking)

Use effective vocabulary and logical organization to relate or summarize ideas, events and other information

LA.1-3.LS-F2: Language Arts (Listening and Speaking)

Give and follow multiple-step directions

LA.1-3.LS-F3: Language Arts (Listening and Speaking)

Prepare and deliver information by generating topics; identifying the audience; and organizing ideas, facts or opinions for a variety of speaking purposes such as giving directions, relating personal experiences, telling a story or presenting a report

LA.1-3.VP-F1: Language Arts (Listening and Speaking)

Recognize different types of visual media

LA.1-3.VP-F2: Language Arts (Listening and Speaking)

Plan and present a report, using two or more visual media

LA.1-3.VP-F3: Language Arts (Listening and Speaking)

Access, view and respond to visual forms such as computer programs, videos, artifacts, drawings, pictures and collages

LA.1-3.VP-F4: Language Arts (Listening and Speaking)

Interpret visual clues in cartoons, graphs, tables and charts that enhance the comprehension of text
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Heather Peters
March 12, 2012
I can't wait to put this into use next year !
Geneve Geneve
July 5, 2011
The cv services can help to learn all necessary rules about writing. They will help to do this good.
Barbara White
April 17, 2011
Thanks for the link, I had to write resumes and couldn`t check it
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