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An introduction to video blogging.


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Daniela Alvarado
October 30, 2011

I really liked how you guys made it seem like you really went to India for the project. I also liked how you used the examples of how we have used video blogging in class, it made it easy to connect and understand the idea of vlobbing.

I thought the music was too loud, i could barely hear what you guys had to say. It was very noticeable when the video was stopped. It made it a little distracting.

Brandalyn Williams
October 30, 2011

The introduction I felt as though was very personable, it made me feel as the viewer as if I was a part of what they were doing. In 2:46 the music playing was right on point, it created a more intimate meaningful setting for video blogging. I felt as though I took a free tip to India, throughout the presentation the music, people, and culture seemed to me to be brought alive.

I would suggest when using headings at the bottom of the pages to use a different type of font/color to help them standout or leave them on longer. In some spots the transitions seemed kind of off with the music 4:09 how it just kind of abruptly stops while Bhakti is talking. An area of improvement I would see would be to practice when the music should start and stop after someone is talking rather than during.

Kevin Hixon
October 24, 2011

You guys did a good job of coming up with an interesting example to provide the background for your video blog which added a bit of uniqueness to the video. You also had good dialogue which kept the video interesting and entertaining.

The music seemed just slightly too loud for me, I would get a little distracted when it started up or stopped suddenly, maybe just toning down the audio a bit would help. I also feel like a lot of the video was just footage from India, more commentary added to the footage would make the video feel like more of a video blog in my opinion.

Kai Kang
October 23, 2011

I like your idea of using a video blog to explain what vlogging is so that the presentation is more engaging. I also like the interview-like conversational style which contribute to a more enjoyable learning experience. The subtitle is also helpful and entertaining at the same time.

Although I really like your choice of exotic music, sometimes I had a hard time hearing your speak because of that. It would be better if the volume of music is lower when you started speaking. The video could be even better if the transactions between images are more smoother.

Isabella Jebian
October 23, 2011

This was a great video. I liked the way you presented the topic, by doing that topic (if that makes sense). You were essentially vlogging about two different things - India and vlogging. I liked the switching from the conversation/dialogue and the India footage. the music also helped keep audience engaged - not too much.

I think although the switching was a good idea, the transitions were a little off - could've been smoother. Also where you guys edited within the dialogue portions could've been smoother as well.

Elise Mark
October 23, 2011

I thought your idea for this video was a good concept. Using an actual experience was a good way to explain what vlogging actually is. I also liked the idea of doing an interview and talking to us on the video. It made it more engaging and less like a lesson. One thing that could have been improved was the flow of the video in terms of the dialogue. It would have been better if you would have been able to say everything without having to edit over it so many times. Also, you didn't really mention how people can comment on videos and interact with vlogging in ways other than videoing things in their life. I think there are some aspects of vlogging you didn't cover. However, I think you did a really good job and the video was definitely engaging!

Angelica Domenech
October 23, 2011

I really liked that you used a vlog to explain vlogging. It's a great way to keep it simple and clear for your audience. I also liked that you included information from a different culture. Unfamiliar information is always interesting.

One thing I would say to improve would be the sound quality. Poor sound quality can be very distracting in any video presentation. Also, it seems like you could have put more effort into making the presentation flow more freely.

Emily Hole
October 23, 2011

I loved your idea of creating your own vlog to explain and demonstrate what vlogging is. I also loved all of the footage you included from India. The continuous video made it very interesting to watch.

I really enjoyed the music you chose for the video, but I felt that at most times it was too loud. It made it hard to hear the dialogue, and I was often distracted by the music when trying to listen to what you had to say. I thought it was also a nice touch to make the dialogue more casual and conversational, but the delivery could have been a bit smoother. Perhaps you could have rehearsed a bit more or read the lines off since you were not featured much in the video.

Overall, your video was interesting and fun to watch.

Julie Seifert
October 23, 2011

The footage of India you had was really pretty and interesting. It made me pay attention. Also, your explanations were very clear and it was all well organized. You explained things clearly, and you didn't stray from the topic or ramble. I think the person asking you questions helped.

I was a little confused by the story of the video. Eventually I got that you were pretending you were video blogging in India, but it took me awhile. Maybe if you had just said at the beginning "we're going to take a trip to India and make a vlog about it to show you what vlogging is" it would have been more clear. Also, the music in the background when you were talking was a little distracting. Sometimes it was hard to hear you guys over the music.

Yarelis Serrano
October 22, 2011

I really appreciate the fact that you guys integrated another culture because it draws in a broader audience, and a lot of minorities, who often feel left out, could relate to it; it helps them see that all of these concepts and resources apply to them as well. I also love the fact that your presentation was very personal, as if you were talking directly to us and not just giving us a lesson.
The sound of your narrative was sometimes hard to hear because the music was a little louder than your voice as some points of the video, just lowering the music volume would make this problem disappear. The transitions weren't smooth sometimes; just making them a little more cohesive would have been great.

Brett Stelmaszek
October 21, 2011

I thought the story of the video was engaging. It was a good idea to do a vlog on vlogging. Also, the dialogue that took place seemed natural and fluid which gave a good feel to the video.

The video editing was kind of sporadic and choppy. It distracted from the actual story going on. Also, there was a high pitched ringing from the microphone that you were using and made the video difficult to listen to.

Heather McNeill
October 20, 2011

Nice job :)
It was very entertaining and I really liked the story/plot you came up with. It wasn't boring and just listing facts about vlogging. Also, the real footage from India was beautiful! I loved seeing all those sites and I felt like you were sharing the story of your time in India with me.
On the other hand, it was sometimes difficult to hear the person who was asking you the interview questions. They could have been closer to the mic and that would have probably have been better. Also, while I liked the music and thought it was appropriate, the times when there were vocals in the music it clashed with you two speaking. This made it harder to understand you. Possibly using all instrumental music would have worked better.
Thanks for the interesting video! :)

James Moore
October 19, 2011

I really enjoyed watching your video! The plot and style of the video was both a great metaphor and example in explaining vlogging. It also made the video more personal and relatable. The videos and music choices were very exotic and used very effectively; it kept my attention throughout the whole video and made me interested in finding out what happens next.

I liked the idea of personal interviews, but hearing an unseen third person was a little confusing. I feel that if someone is talking, then they should be present or have a more active role. There were moments when the script and video were changed abruptly. Using more effective transitions can make the presentation flow more fluently.

Monica Gonzalez
October 18, 2011

I loved how you guys made a vlog to explain vlogging. Really creative way of presenting the information. The dialogue was very engaging and kept my attention.

The only things I would fix would be the sound, lowering the music and/or raising the volume of the voice acting, and making the actual script flow better. This can either be fixed by complete improvising and just having a conversation or spending more time on memorizing the script.

Christen Downing
October 17, 2011

The footage was really cool and kept me interested!
I thought it was good how you related your topic to this assignment.

There were a lot of takes and pauses. Maybe you should have tried to make it a little more continuous.
I had a hard time hearing you with the music in the background.

Kathleen Sewell
October 17, 2011

This was a really good video! I loved the narrative you came up with, as it was really engaging and authentic. I also liked the format you chose for your video. Your topic was vlogging, so you kept it simple and just made a vlog.

I felt like the sound editing could have been a little better. The transitions between the two distracted me from the video. I also felt like you could have been a little more confident in your delivery.

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