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World Civilizations is a survey course that examines historic and cultural events from five time periods in world history. Students learn about early civilizations, classical civilizations focusing on Greece, Rome and China, and inter-regional contact which lead to exploration and cultural diffusion during the middle ages. From there students investigate the role of revolution and social change and finally culminate their study of world history with a look at the march towards global integration during the 20th and 21st centuries. This is a rich and interactive course offering students opportunities for students to become eye-witnesses of history.


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Roman Empire middle ages rise of Christianity Bubonic Plague Midevil Life The Crusades The Americas



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The Open High School of Utah is a public charter online school designed to meet the needs of the 21st century student. Individualized instruction allows students to work at their pace. This online course, Biology, is a first-year course broken into parts A and B. This first half of the course (A) covers topics ranging from the chemistry of life, organic chemistry, cell structure and function, homeostasis and other cell processes, mitosis and meiosis, and genetics. The units are made up of a nice variety of screencasts, video lectures, images, text, self-checks and interactive activities. The initial screencast is especially helpful in providing an overview and setting the tone for the course. Much of the content is freely available and sharable under a Creative Commons license, however there are some materials such as the study guides (on Google Docs) that appear to require permission to access. Despite not including formal, teacher-crafted feedback for students, this is quite a remarkable resource for independent learners. Be sure to check out the second half of the course (B) at http://ocw.openhighschool.org/course/view.php?id=39

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