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World History is taught in the 10th grade in California.


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HIS.9.H.8.1.9.A.1: History

Difference between past, present and future

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.A.2: History

Sequential order of historical narrative

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.A.3: History

Data presented in time lines

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.A.4: History

Continuity and change

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.A.5: History

Context for events

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.B.1: History

Literal meaning of historical passages

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.B.2: History

Data in historical and contemporary maps, graphs, and tables

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.B.3: History

Different historical perspectives

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.B.4: History

Data from maps, graphs and tables

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.B.5: History

Visual data presented in historical evidence

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.C.1: History

Fact versus opinion

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.C.2: History

Reasons/causes for multiple points of view

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.C.3: History

Illustrations in historical documents and stories

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.C.4: History

Causes and results

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.C.5: History

Author or source used to develop historical narratives

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.C.6: History

Central issue

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.D.1: History

Historical event (time and place)

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.D.2: History

Facts, folklore and fiction

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.D.3: History

Historical questions

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.D.4: History

Primary sources

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.D.5: History

Secondary sources

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.D.6: History

Conclusions (e.g., History Day projects, mock trials, speeches)

HIS.9.H.8.1.9.D.7: History

Credibility of evidence

HIS.9.H.8.4.9.A.1: History

Political and Military Leaders (e.g., King Ashoka, Montezuma I, Ghenghis Khan, William the Conqueror)

HIS.9.H.8.4.9.A.2: History

Cultural and Commercial Leaders (e.g., Mansa Musa, Yak Pac, Cheng Ho, Marco Polo)

HIS.9.H.8.4.9.A.3: History

Innovators and Reformers (e.g., Erastostenes, Tupac Inka Yupenqui, Johannes Gutenberg)

HIS.9.H.8.4.9.B.1: History

Documents, Writings and Oral Traditions (e.g., Rosetta Stone, Aztec glyph writing, Dead Sea Scrolls, Magna Carta)

HIS.9.H.8.4.9.B.2: History

Artifacts, Architecture and Historic Places (e.g., Ethiopian rock churches, Mayan pyramids, Nok terra cotta figures, megaliths at Stonehenge)

HIS.9.H.8.4.9.B.3: History

Historic districts (e.g., Memphis and its Necropolis, Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls, Centre of Rome and the Holy See)

HIS.9.H.8.4.9.C.1: History


HIS.9.H.8.4.9.C.2: History


HIS.9.H.8.4.9.C.3: History


HIS.9.H.8.4.9.C.4: History


HIS.9.H.8.4.9.D.1: History

Domestic Instability

HIS.9.H.8.4.9.D.2: History

Ethnic and Racial Relations

HIS.9.H.8.4.9.D.3: History

Labor Relations

HIS.9.H.8.4.9.D.4: History

Immigration and Migration

HIS.9.H.8.4.9.D.5: History

Military Conflicts
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This collection contains three large units that cover some of the California standards for 10th grade World History. The curriculum was created for an online class so it would need to be adapted to the individual needs of a particular teacher or classroom. There are a lot of valuable resources throughout the collection that help students gain a better understanding of the Greeks and Romans, the Reformation and Renaissance, and the British, French, and American Revolutions. Highlights include a journey through Ancient Rome, the creating of a digital treasure chest of art history, a sunken ship online game, and a comparison between the Declaration of Rights of Man, the English Bill of Rights, and the US Bill of Rights. Written content, relevant images, video clips, online games, and worksheets are all included in the collection. It should be noted that there are some formatting issues and a few of the links are not working.

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