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A video about the educational uses of YouTube.


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Daniela Alvarado
October 9, 2011

I also agree with everyone in the class, the videos clips throughout the video made it interesting to watch. The teaching implications were also very informative.
Unfortunately, I thought the video itself was a little boring. The tone of voice was very monotone and slow. Also having the slides was kind of confusing because i was trying to read them and listen at the same time.

Monica Gonzalez
October 9, 2011

I really liked the random snippets of youtube videos. It definitely kept things interesting and engaging. The implications on learning was also very informative.

I would have made your voice have more inflection and possibly slightly faster narration in order to keep things more fast-paced and interesting. I also felt that the videos didn't show the educational value of youtube.

Angelica Domenech
October 9, 2011

Like everyone else, I agree that the use of the various YouTube clips was engaging and kept me interested. I liked that the information was presented in a consistent way, and always transitioned from clip to informational slide.

However, it was a hard to pay attention with how slowly you were speaking. It was also diffucult because most of what you were saying I had already read through on the slides before you had even said it.

Isabella Jebian
October 9, 2011

I really liked that you had videos throughout the presentations pertaining to each point or just as transitions. Another great aspect was the clarity of the speech.

I do think that, although having the information on the screen is a plus, it could have been approached differently. Even if it were one point at a time to have some movement on the screen when it was being read (since it was all being said anyway).

James Moore
October 9, 2011

The video was a informative about YouTube and its different uses. The use of popular YouTube clips is good for catching people's attention and keeping them interested.

I think some of the clips could have been integrated a little more into the context of the video. I mean, some of the clips had introductions while others did not. It is good to know how the upcoming video relates to the material that was described. I would also suggest varying the speech style. Sometimes, using the same speech tone throughout the whole presentation can interfere with the audience's ability to focus.

Julie Seifert
October 9, 2011

I liked the clips. They were a nice break in between the informational parts and, and it made the video more fun. I also thought the information was presented well. You spoke slowly, and laid out the information in a very clear way.

However, sometimes I thought you spoke too slowly. Sometimes it was hard to pay attention when you spoke so slowly. Also, I'm not sure, but I think it might be illegal to use all those clips without permission.

Kai Kang
October 9, 2011

Nice video!! I love your selection of signature videos to demonstrate different facets of Youtube. Your speech is also very clear and accurate that makes audience easy to follow. Your slides also covered a lot information which supplements your speech. Also, I like the examples about how to use Youtube to increase interaction in classroom activities.

However, sometimes I felt bored when the slide is too long such as teaching implications part. Maybe add some pictures or add more videos could be helpful. Overall, you explicitly explained the topic and it is really easy to comprehend.

Brett Stelmaszek
October 8, 2011

The use of the memes made it engaging and relevant to the culture. Also, the video gave a thorough description of how to use youtube.

The narration of the video made it seem like you were really striving to hit the 5 min minimum mark for the presentation. By that I mean it seems like you spoke really slowly in order to maximize your time in the presentation. Also, it is never nice to RickRoll people. Especially when they think they're actually doing something educational.

Heather McNeill
October 8, 2011

Nice job :) The video was very informational and covered a lot of questions. I liked that the video was clear and easy to understand. The speaker did a great job speaking slowly and enunciating each word. Also, the back and forth from slide to video was nice. It provided an example for each point covered in in the slides.

At times the video seemed to drag on. It became somewhat boring about 3/4 of the way through. Possibly having picture(s) on the slides could have made the slides more interesting. Also, the choice of some of the videos didn't always connect (to me) with the point in the slide. Maybe I just didn't catch something. Maybe you could have specifically point out the point and how it is displayed in the specific video.

Good job :) I enjoyed it!
P.S. I love the last clip! :)

Kathleen Sewell
October 3, 2011

This video easy to follow as the information was presented in a very straight-forward manner. I also liked the use of popular YouTube videos, as they added humor and made the video more interesting.

I think this video would have been better if the slides were changed more often. I felt like I was staring at the same text for too long, and I got bored. Also, I found the blue text on the grey background hard to read. It would have been better if one of those colors were changed.

Emily Hole
October 3, 2011

I really liked your inclusion of classic and funny Youtube videos throughout most of the presentation. It definitely added an element of humor that made the video more entertaining. I also enjoyed having slides to read along with as the video progressed.

As nice as it was to have visuals, having the voice-over read each slide almost word-for-word got monotonous and boring. It might have been nice if the slides depicted blurbs to guide viewers and have the voice provide supplementary information. The color scheme for the slides also got a bit dull after a short time. The gray and blue was not very stimulating and it would have been more engaging if the color scheme were brighter and more eye-catching, without detracting from the value of the video.

Christen Downing
October 3, 2011

I like that they used multiple popular YouTube videos throughout to make it more interesting.
I liked how they transitioned from slide to slide or video with different effects.

I thought that it would have been better to not simply read some of the slides almost word for word.
Towards the middle the slides got a little boring because they weren't changed often enough.

Yarelis Serrano
October 2, 2011

I like that it was very organized and you used different clips to illustrate the information you wanted to convey.

I think it would have been better if you weren't just reading off the screen, maybe if you would have used some other form of presenting that information. Maybe changing it up a little bit so that it wasn't all the same.

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