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MA.7.M7.A.1.1.1: Mathematics

Convert between fractions, decimals and/or percents (e.g., 20% = 0.2 = 1/5) (terminating decimals only).

MA.7.M7.A.1.2.1: Mathematics

Compare and/or order integers, mixed numbers, fractions and decimals (fractions and decimals may be mixed - no more than 5 numbers in a set to be ordered).

MA.7.M7.A.1.2.2: Mathematics

Locate/identify decimals, fractions, mixed numbers and/or integers on a number line (a mix of these number forms may be on the same number line).

MA.7.M7.A.2.1.1: Mathematics

Use the order of operations to simplify numerical expressions (may use parentheses, brackets, +, -, x, ÷, squares up to 10² and cubes up to 4³; whole numbers only).

MA.7.M7.A.2.2.1: Mathematics

Write ratios to compare quantities (e.g., ratio of boys to girls).

MA.7.M7.A.2.2.2: Mathematics

Solve for a variable in a given proportion.

MA.7.M7.A.2.2.3: Mathematics

Use proportions to determine if two quantities are equivalent (e.g., similar figures, prices of different sized items, etc).

MA.7.M7.A.2.2.4: Mathematics

Calculate and/or apply unit rates or unit prices (terminating decimals through the hundredth place only).

MA.7.M7.A.2.2.5: Mathematics

Select and/or use ratios or proportions to solve problems.

MA.7.M7.A.2.2.6: Mathematics

Use proportions to find the missing length of a side in similar figures.

MA.7.M7.A.3.1.1: Mathematics

Estimate answers to problems involving whole numbers, decimals, fractions or mixed numbers.

MA.7.M7.A.3.2.1: Mathematics

Solve problems involving operations (+, -, x, ÷) of whole numbers, decimals, fractions, or mixed numbers (straight computation or word problems).

MA.7.M7.A.3.2.2: Mathematics

Solve problems involving addition and subtraction of integers.

MA.7.M7.B.1.1.1.a: Mathematics

in, ft, yd

MA.7.M7.B.1.1.1.b: Mathematics

fl oz, cup, pint, quart, gallon

MA.7.M7.B.1.1.1.c: Mathematics

oz, Lb

MA.7.M7.B.1.1.1.d: Mathematics

sec, min, hours, days

MA.7.M7.B.1.1.1.e: Mathematics

metric units including milli, centi and kilo (m, g or L)

MA.7.M7.B.2.1.1: Mathematics

Develop and/or use strategies to find the perimeter and/or area of compound figures (compound figures should only include quadrilaterals and triangles). Area formulas provided on the reference sheet.

MA.7.M7.B.2.1.2: Mathematics

Find the circumference and/or area of circles (formulas provided on the reference sheet).

MA.7.M7.B.2.1.3: Mathematics

Find the area of triangles and/or all types of parallelograms (formulas provided on the reference sheet).

MA.7.M7.B.2.2.1: Mathematics

Interpret and/or apply scales shown on maps, blueprints, models, etc.

MA.7.M7.B.2.2.2: Mathematics

Determine and/or apply an appropriate scale for reduction or enlargement.

MA.7.M7.C.1.1.1: Mathematics

Identify, describe and/or define diameter, radius, chord and/or circumference in circles.

MA.7.M7.C.1.1.2: Mathematics

Solve problems involving the relationship between the radius and diameter of the same circle.

MA.7.M7.C.1.1.3: Mathematics

Identify parallel, perpendicular and/or skew line segments within three-dimensional figures.

MA.7.M7.C.1.2.1: Mathematics

Identify and/or use polygons that are similar and/or congruent, given either measurements or tic and angle marks.

MA.7.M7.C.1.2.2: Mathematics

Identify corresponding sides and/or angles of congruent or similar polygons.

MA.7.M7.C.3.1.1: Mathematics

Plot and/or identify ordered pairs on a coordinate plane (all four quadrants).

MA.7.M7.C.3.1.2: Mathematics

Identify Quadrants I, II, III, IV, the x- & y-axes and the origin on a coordinate plane.

MA.7.M7.D.1.1.1.a: Mathematics

fractions or decimals - may use only one operation from +, - or x

MA.7.M7.D.1.1.1.b: Mathematics

whole numbers - may use only one operation from +, -, x, ÷ or squares

MA.7.M7.D.2.1.1: Mathematics

Select and/or use appropriate strategies to solve one-step equations (no negative numbers).

MA.7.M7.D.2.1.2: Mathematics

Use substitution of one and/or two variables to simplify expressions (whole numbers only - use order of operations).

MA.7.M7.D.2.2.1: Mathematics

Identify expressions, equations or inequalities that model mathematical situations (using whole numbers or decimals, no more than two operations and one variable).

MA.7.M7.D.3.1.1: Mathematics

Solve problems involving a constant rate of change (e.g., word problems, graphs or data tables).

MA.7.M7.D.3.1.2: Mathematics

Describe and/or use the relationship of data displayed on a rate of change graph (e.g., how does the x-axis data relate to the y-axis data).

MA.7.M7.E.1.1.1: Mathematics

Analyze data and/or answer questions pertaining to data represented in histograms, double bar graphs, multiple line graphs or stem-and-leaf plots.

MA.7.M7.E.2.1.1: Mathematics

Identify/calculate the mean (average), median, mode or range of a set of data.

MA.7.M7.E.2.1.2: Mathematics

Decide/choose which measure of central tendency (mean, median, mode or range) would be most appropriate for a given situation.

MA.7.M7.E.3.1.1: Mathematics

Find the theoretical probability of a simple and/or compound event (answer written as a fraction in lowest terms - any compound events should be independent).

MA.7.M7.E.3.1.2: Mathematics

Find the theoretical probability of an event not occurring (e.g., what is the probability of not rolling a 1 on a number cube).

MA.7.M7.E.3.1.3: Mathematics

Use data displayed in charts, graphs or tallies to find experimental probability.

MA.7.M7.E.4.1.1: Mathematics

Formulate predictions and/or draw conclusions based on data displays (bar graphs, circle graphs or line graphs) or probability.
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