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This collection includes text, lessons plans, activities, graphic organizers, study guides, and assignments that support the instruction of Romeo and Juliet.


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LA.9.9.3.a: English

Identify format, text structure, and main idea.

LA.9.9.3.b: English

Identify the characteristics that distinguish literary forms.

LA.9.9.3.c: English

Use literary terms in describing and analyzing selections.

LA.9.9.3.d: English

Explain the relationships between and among elements of literature: characters, plot, setting, tone, point of view, and theme.

LA.9.9.3.e: English

Explain the relationship between author's style and literary effect.

LA.9.9.3.f: English

Describe the use of images and sounds to elicit the reader's emotions.

LA.9.9.3.g: English

Explain the influence of historical context on the form, style, and point of view of a written work.

LA.10.10.3.a: English

Identify text organization and structure.

LA.10.10.3.b: English

Identify main and supporting ideas.

LA.10.10.3.c: English

Make predictions, draw inferences, and connect prior knowledge to support reading comprehension.

LA.10.10.3.d: English

Explain similarities and differences of techniques and literary forms represented in the literature of different cultures and eras.

LA.10.10.3.e: English

Identify universal themes prevalent in the literature of different cultures.

LA.10.10.3.f: English

Examine a literary selection from several critical perspectives.
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This rich, 5 part resource is a fabulous resource for teaching Shakespeare’’ Macbeth. The first “child” of this resource is from Shmoop- open source study guides and teaching resources for literature, US history and poetry. It includes an overview and study questions. The Shmoop guide provides a summary of the play, Macbeth; access to analyses of themes and quotes; and a series of big picture study questions. Schmoop also offers access to literary analysis, photos, quizzes, links to audio and video versions of the play, trivia, and guidance in essay writing. The second “child” is an e-Text from Project Gutenberg. The third part of this resource is a detailed lesson on Setting the Mood of Macbeth in Act I Scene i. The last two parts of this resource are external links to the complete works of Shakespeare and complete full course lesson plans through the Folger Shakespeare Library.

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