This collection of Open Educational Resources (OERs) has been curated by Curriki for all educators, parents, and students of history. It includes resources that span the scope and sequence of an American History course at the high school level.  Each unit includes primary source documents, digital history files, GIS resources, audio and visual resources, and sites that include lesson plans ranging from America's conception to modern day.      

Each resource has been selected for its value to understanding major topics in the discovery, development and growth of the United States. Students will be called upon to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information from primary and secondary sources.  

Use these units as a basis for your own US History curriculum or to supplement your existing curriculum. We are confident that you will find exciting new ways to help students make connections between events different time periods. 

Unit 1: Colonial America
Exploration and settlement in colonial America -Shaping of American society in different regions -Discovery-1760s

Unit 2: American Revolution
The road to declaring independence -American Revolution -Formation of a new nation -1760s-1800

Unit 3: American Expansion and Sectionalism
The new nation's political frameworks -Westward expansion -Growing sectionalism -Precursors to the Civil War

Unit 4: Civil War
Civil War in America (1861-1865)

Unit 5: Reconstruction
Reconstruction following American Civil War -1865-1877

Unit 6: New Frontiers
Following American Reconstruction, this unit focuses on topics including industrialization and the Gilded Age, urbanization, and progressivism -1880-1920

Unit 7: Isolationist to World Power
This unit focuses on the shift from American isolationism to involvement in World War I and subsequent status as a world power -1910s

Unit 8: Roaring 20s, Great Depression, New Deal
This unit explores the 1920s and 1930s, as America experiences a booming economic period following the First World War, transitions into an economic depression, and attempts to alleviate the crisis through the implementation of the New Deal -1920s-1930s

Unit 9: World War II
US involvement in WWII -1939-1945

Unit 10: Turbulent Decades
Exploration of the years following World War II, including topics such as the Civil Rights Movement, Cold War, Vietnam, Korean War, Cuban Missile Crisis -1950s-1970s

Unit 11: Modern America
Contemporary issues in politics, economics, and popular culture -1980s-present day


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New Deal American Reconstruction Roaring 20s Great Depression Civil Rights Movement Cold War Vietnam Korean War WWII Cuban Missile Crisis -1950s-1970s



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SS 8.4.2: Nebraska Social Studies Standards

(US) Students will analyze the impact of people, events, ideas, and symbols upon US history using multiple types of sources.

SS 8.4.3: Nebraska Social Studies Standards

(US) Students will analyze and interpret historical and current events from multiple perspectives.
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