This 2-minute video demonstrates chemical reaction in an amusing and highly visual way. Water, dish soap, and potassium iodide are mixed and placed inside a carved plastic pumpkin. Hydrogen peroxide is added last. The reaction is immediate and dramatic: soap bubbles come pouring out of the mouth, nose and eyes of the pumpkin. Resource also includes teacher's guide and assessment. Editor's Note: In a chemical reaction, properties of the original substances change as new substances with different properties are formed. The molecular structure of the substances is altered irreversibly. This video is part of "Lessons in Matter and Energy" by WOSU Public Media. See related materials for a link to the full collection, also available for iTunes viewing. Teachers' Domain is a growing collection of more than 1,000 free educational resources compiled by researchers and experienced teachers to promote the use of digital resources in the classroom.


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S1137F5A: Version 2.0 Science Grade Level Expectations, March 2008

a. Observe and describe how mixtures are made by combining solids

S1137F5B: Version 2.0 Science Grade Level Expectations, March 2008

b. Describe ways to separate the components of a mixture by their physical properties (e.g., sorting, magnets, screening)
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