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Subhead about our impact

Curriki is changing the way educational experiences are designed, created, and delivered to a new generation of learners.

Our Mission

Curriki’s mission is to improve lives by making 21st-century digital experiences more accessible, opening up a world of possibilities for content authors, and better mobile-first digital content for learners.

Impacting Learning by Empowering Educators

Curriki is driven to bring interactive technologies to critical mass, providing teachers with the tools to design learning experiences that are meaningful, really engaging, and often fun.

Impacting the Way Digital Content is Created and Published

Anyone can transform any type of learning content into interactive learning experiences ready for remote learning with CurrikiStudio.

Impacting Education Through Open Source Technology

By leveraging open source technologies to reduce costs and increase the accessibility of interactive digital learning experiences, Curriki is having a significant impact on the future of education.

CurrikiStudio Supports Lifelong Learning

Curriki believes that learning is a lifelong process, so it has built CurrikiStudio to support the creation of seamless and integrated education experiences across the “P-20+” spectrum. CurrikiStudio can be used to create content that supports an individual’s entire academic and career pathway, from Pre-K to PhD, personal growth, and self-improvement to professional education and employability credentials.

Nothing is more important than getting our kids excited about engaging in a quality educational experience and giving educators the tools to meet this need, especially given the likelihood of long term remote/hybrid learning situations

Scott McNealy

Co-founder and Board Member, Curriki

Create. Engage. Inspire.

Be a part of changing the lives of learners all over the world by enabling great minds to reach and teach today’s learners. Get involved by funding an initiative, making a donation, or providing in-kind services.

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