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Partnerships with Curriki

Curriki partners with various types of organizations from all around the world – academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and corporations to support creating next-generation learning experiences. We seek institutional partners with strong leadership, technology expertise, and a commitment to scaling open, free, and quality education across the globe.

Our partners can leverage our open source educational toolkit of connector code, authoring tool, and component library to create sustainable models to amplify our collective impact in education.

CurrikiStudio Certified Service Providers

Curriki Certified Services partners are vetted and qualified for their experience servicing organizations in education. These partners offer additional ways to implement the CurrikiStudio through technology services, learning design services, or professional development support.

CurrikiStudio-Inside OEM Partner

Curriki’s strategic integration partners are industry-leading enterprise software providers and service organizations that enhance or complement our educational services offerings through integration of CurrikiStudio into their technology.

CurrikiStudio-Ready Managed Service Providers

Curriki’s-Ready Partners are world-class service providers for institutional installation and hosting.  With a shared vision for education and joint strategy, the Curriki team collaborates directly with MSPs on opportunities to provide industry-changing solutions in a turnkey way. 


We seek community partners who are able to grow the educational ecosystem with Curriki by:

Building a technology services operation off of the Curriki OpenSource stack

Empowering educational institutions with support from the CurrikiStudio platform.


Our partners are creating value in the edtech ecosystem alongside Curriki by contributing specific technology, financial, or strategic support.


Curriki Community Partners receive a premium tier of service, access to resources, and exclusive connection support for technical implementations. 


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