Civicate Creates
Interactive Civics Videos
for Remote Learning


Civicate is an organization designed by a student for students, to inspire youth to learn about American democracy. The organization creates short free interactive educational videos that help middle school age children understand how our government works.


Civicate’s mission is to educate students through educational videos on government processes, so they can engage better as citizens.

Journey to digital learning

After fielding inquiries and requests from many teachers Civicate needed to transform video content into interactive curriculum.

With no coding knowledge, founder Kathleen set out to create activity based lessons that could be utilized by teachers and learners, anywhere.

The biggest challenge 

Because Kathleen’s technical skills and time were limited,The need for time saving, low-code, free and templated solutions was critical in allowing Civicate to create interactive content.

It is really easy for kids to zone out when they’re watching a learning video, even those that are fun and animated like the Civicate videos,” commented Kathleen. “Now, with interactions that check for understanding, students will be more engaged with the material. They can move along at the pace that is right for them, track their own progress, retry questions they’ve answered incorrectly, and receive immediate feedback.


Creator of Civicate

A few ways CurrikiStudio helped Civicate:

  • Utilizing Curriki’s open source content authoring tool CurrikiStudio, Civicate was able to create short engaging content for students, available on any device, for free.
  • By partnering with one of Curriki’s learning designers, Civicate transformed static videos into engaging questions and interactions, for a lean-forward activity based learning experience.

Impact of CurrikiStudio on the Civicate:

“I designed Civicate because my work with middle school students highlighted the need for civic education in schools. The bite-sized video lessons, now with engaging interactions, will help students understand our government so they can better engage as citizens,” commented Katie Sandhu, creator of Civicate. “The talent and creativity of the Curriki team has been truly inspirational, and I look forward to continuing our partnership.” Katie

Explore some of the Interactive Content created by TCI

The Three Branches

In this video, Civicate simplyfies the learning about the Three Branches of the US.

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Voting & Elections

How to vote? Civicate teaches you with this interactive video.

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Tour of the Southeast 360-degree.

This tour immerses learners in the history andgeography of the region with high-quality content.

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