The Deju Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership’s course: How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur
was transformed into an interactive online learning class.


Acclaimed business creator and leader Dr. Raul Deju designed an online entrepreneurship class for everyone who wants to start a business. 


How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur course mission is to provide entrepreneurs an accessible framework to understand how they can turn an idea into a remarkably successful product or service, while cultivating the creative vitality and economic potential that they represent.

Journey to digital learning

Despite the vital importance of entrepreneurship, becoming a successful entrepreneur business founder has gotten much tougher and there was a need for an in-depth and immersive course online.

The Deju Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership’s course had been a traditional classroom-based program that was taught at the Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership at John F. Kennedy University in California. 

The goal was to transform this in-person content and launch a new, broad-based effort to educate, inspire and equip the next generation of entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and grow successful businesses.

The biggest challenge 

The pandemic challenged higher education institutions to dive into online learning and now they are scrambling to catch up, which could be extremely expensive and require technical expertise. The Deju Institute needed free technology that did not require coding experience to bring its in-classroom content to life online, in eight core modules. 

I am thrilled with the way Curriki has activated the entrepreneurship course and with the commitment of the Curriki team to open-source education. CurrikiStudio makes the modality of the content more dynamic, engaging and accessible for self-paced learning. I am confident that the new online course will enrich higher education entrepreneurship programs and inspire entrepreneurs to build enterprises that will make the world a better place and financially reward them and their teams

Dr.  Raul Deju

Partner at Brightstar Capital Partners and founder of the Deju Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership

How CurrikiStudio helped The Deju Institute of Entrepreneurship:

  • Before leveraging CurrikiStudio, Dr. Deju would email video links to professors who might use components of his lectures. With this new interactive course, any institution looking for excellent and pragmatic lessons about entrepreneurship can now access them instantly – online via the website or imported into an institution’s LMS.
  • With eight modules covering critical areas of entrepreneurship, spanning from the anatomy of a business plan to developing product and service excellence – CurrikiStudio needed to provided a way for the entrepreneurship course to be digital and engaging, introducing open-ended reflection questions interspersed throughout the lectures.
  • In real-life, entrepreneurs have to present their business idea. CurrikiStudio enabled the entrepreneurship course to bring forward opportunities to test run elevator pitches via audio recording, and a follow-up module quiz.
  • To provide a broad view, CurrikiStudio needed to support the entrepreneurship course showcasing supplementary material from well-known entrepreneurs and business leaders – including success stories like Jeff Bezos, Bill Marriott, and Elon Musk are linked to the lectures to provide a broad range of viewpoints.

Impact of CurrikiStudio on the TCI

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