LA Opera Brings

Interactive and User-Friendly

Digital Educational Content to

Inspire and Teach the Community


Los Angeles is a city of enormous diversity and creativity, and LA Opera is dedicated to reflecting that vibrancy by redefining what opera can be with thrilling performances, thought-provoking productions and innovative programming.


LA Opera’s extensive engagement efforts and virtual learning programs are focused on reaching people of all ages throughout every corner of Los Angeles County. For many, an introduction to opera has an impact that’s powerful, unexpected, and immediate. LA Opera Connects, the education and community engagement department of Los Angeles Opera, currently offers 29 different programs that reach more than 200,000 people each season.

Journey to digital learning

While the cancellation of LA Opera’s stage activities due to the pandemic was devastating, the loss was exacerbated by the inability to have in-person learning and engagement programs.

This is their journey:

LA Opera actively began producing digital content for remote learning, including full-length youth operas and sing-alongs available for streaming, art workshops, professional development training for teachers, and more.

As part of the growth of its digital programs, LA Opera set out to find the best ways to create interactive and user-friendly educational content, particularly lesson plans. ​

Without the typical classroom setting, teachers needed self-guided lessons that students could complete on their own.


The biggest challenge

The LA Opera team faced was finding a platform that met the needs of students learning from home while being intuitive for us as non-web developers.

   CurrikiStudio has given LA Opera an opportunity to translate not only our educational materials into an interactive language, but its user-friendly platform has also inspired the organization to think creatively about how we design other virtual programs. ​Never before has LA Opera had interactive lessons available, online or on its website.

Stacy Brightman

VP of LA Opera Connects

A few ways CurrikiStudio helped LA Opera:

  • CurrikiStudio made it possible to introduce and recreate lesson plans from the ground up while directly addressing the needs and challenges of students learning from home. ​Never before has LA Opera had interactive lessons available, online or on its website.
  • CurrikiStudio worked seamlessly on a computer, phone, or tablet, which provided flexibility and easy access for students learning from home. It keeps students within the lessons enabling them to stay focused, and the built-in tools provide options for various learner types.
  • It did not require previous experience in web development and coding, making it the ideal option for the immediate pivot to online educational content.
  • Allowed LA Opera to redesign lesson plans with built-in tools such as quizzes, slides, interactive videos, sound clips, and more while ensuring that its students and teachers never have to leave the activity on their website. ​
  • Increased the depth of content by multimedia elements to lessons and made them more engaging to students. Now, students can hear the musical instruments of the orchestra, watch videos about stage lighting, and complete fun drag-and-drop activities, all within the lessons.

Impact of CurrikiStudio on the LA Opera

LA Opera has more than doubled the amount of students participating since we began using CurrikiStudio.
LA Opera fundamentally believes in the direct link between accessible art and student success. The interactive lesson plans built on CurrikiStudio are free to all users and easily accessible. The lessons can be completed on a variety of devices, and they make use of multimedia elements for several learning styles. Without the traditional classroom environment, they felt it was important to be mindful of the challenges that students and teachers face and provide content that gives them a sense of normalcy and hope and accomplishment.

Explore some of the Interactive Content created by LA Opera

Character analysis is an important skill for students, and it requires that they make inferences from textual and contextual clues.

Watch Interactive Activity

This activity asks students to use their listening skills to help them discover some of the most important distinctions in voice types.

Watch Interactive Activity

This activity helps students understand how music affects their interpretations of events through a whole movie analysis.

Watch Interactive Activity