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Teachers’ Curriculum Institute (TCI) provides K-12 social studies teachers and K-8 science teachers with comprehensive programs created by and for teachers to truly make learning come alive in the diverse classroom. TCI’s curricular programs are based on proven teaching strategies and practices that achieve consistent, positive classroom results. More than 4.5 million students in 5,000 school districts around the country achieve and succeed with TCI.


TCI’s mission is to transform science into a multi-faceted learning experience that blends the best technology with the best pedagogy.

Journey to digital learning

TCI set out to combine great content, meaningful technology, and interactive classroom experiences to bring interactive regional tours for grades K-5.

They decided to convert their widely adopted Social Studies Alive! Regions of our Country as a first step on their journey. 

TCI’s team sought a fresh approach to get students involved synchronously and asynchronously with content in a way that would lead to higher order thinking and was fun.

The biggest challenge 

Their existing regional “tour” chapters had grown tired and repetitive. They want to create a more comprehensive digital lesson.

Our customers, students, and even our own staff, have had their eyes opened to entirely new ways to access and interact with geography content.

Bert Bower


A few ways CurrikiStudio helped TCI:

  • TCI team of classroom teachers and curriculum specialists used the CurrikiStudio platform to design Interactive Videos and 360-degree tours.
  • Utilizing images, audio, video and art, students could virtually “fly” to each respective region and interact with its landscape.
  • CurrikStudio allowed them embedded drag and drop activities and image-based activities seamlessly, without coding required.
  • CurrikiStudio helped TCI implement even more cutting-edge HTML5 interactions that were not available to TCI prior.

Impact of CurrikiStudio on the TCI

With the free content authoring platform, the TCI team gained access to new opportunities to add online interactivity to its social studies curriculum. The addition of CurrikiStudio, helped both the Content Team and Software Team at TCI think out of the box about new ways to reach students, helping them to engage in critical thinking and curiosity. with its over 50 activity types, to their content creation toolbox.

TCI is so thrilled with the outcome, that the company will add CurrikiStudio to their already robust content authoring tool.

Explore some of the Interactive Videos and 360-degree tours that will add a higher degree of engagement to its Social Studies Alive! curriculum.

Explore some of the Interactive Content created by TCI

Tour of the Northeast

Interactive video embedded with fun drag and drop activities and image-based activities.

Watch Interactive Activity

Tour of the west 360-degree tour.

Give learners a visual and audio tour of the American West.

Watch Interactive Activity

Tour of the Southeast 360-degree.

This tour immerses learners in the history andgeography of the region with high-quality content.

Watch Interactive Activity