The “ImSparked ©” platform

empowers middle and high school students with essential life skills.


Vivensity has created a unique solution to address the rapid increase in anxiety, depression, stress and isolation among teenagers. The company’s “ImSparked© platform empowers middle and high school students with social emotional learning and life skills, to help them find timely solutions to their daily challenges, get energized, and connect with their peers, family and community.


Vivensity’s core mission is to empower the next generation of students with the life skills they need to live a balanced and meaningful life.

Journey to digital learning

Vivensity’s mission drove them to provide all teenagers with access to the important life skills they need to cope with daily challenges. By creating a digital learning platform, Vivensity aimed to broaden social emotional awareness and improve skill development for all students. imSparked became the program to provide these needed SEL skills for teens.

The biggest challenge

By early 2020, Vivensity had developed an app with video content and self-reflection opportunities. By the end of that summer, with the Covid-19 pandemic progressing through its first 6 months, the organization received additional requests from customers for an integrated SEL curriculum, and saw a growing need for content tailored for teachers and parents. Although Vivensity intended to build these features into the product at a later time, the schools had an urgent need. By September 2020, the Vivensity team attended an ASU/GSV conference and heard the keynote presentation by Scott McNealy; at this point they realized that CurrikiStudio might be a product worth exploring, to help them meet these design challenges.

A few ways CurrikiStudio helped Vivensity

​With the rapid development features of CurrikiStudio and their seamless integration with Google Classroom and Canvas, the most popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) in the K-12 market, Vivensity was able to create an entire CASEL-aligned curriculum with interactive and engaging activities for students

Vivensity was also able to create and deploy an early version of a parallel curriculum for parents and teachers, all within the span of 3 months! CurrikiStudio helped Vivensity to scale, speeding up their access to the middle and high school customer base they sought to serve.

Impact of CurrikiStudio on the Vivensity

Using “interactive books,a feature in the Curriki platform, Vivensity was able to make its content very modular. Now they can easily customize content for different audiences and locations, scaling their curriculum readily, as a result of these modules. 

CurrikiStudio also helped Vivensity to pivot their business quickly, right in the middle of the pandemic. CurrikiStudio provided Vivensity the ability to build a comprehensive SEL curriculum and integrate it seamlessly into Google Classroom and Canvas. 


Vivensity was able to make its content even more engaging and interactive for adolescent students by leveraging CurrikStudio design features, such as a spinning “wheel” for randomized topic selection, and “drag & drop” capabilities that students have thoroughly enjoyed, to illustrate their SEL curriculum concepts about personal feelings. 

By using CurrikiStudio as Vivensity’s content authoring tool, students have benefited because the content is extremely friendly and inviting, and teachers can easily assign as well as track their SEL activities. Administrators can make informed decisions with imSparked’s real-time dashboards, which provide a pulse of the school … based on “in-the-moment” student assessments.

CurrikiStudio helped us enhance our student curriculum, add teacher and parent content, and speed up our time to market while cutting our development cost by 50%. Shortly after, we became recognized as a “Top 10” EdTech Solution for K-12, by StartED.

says, Preeti Shrikhande.

Founder & CEO

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