CurrikiStudio is a content authoring and publishing solution that allows you to
create and manage dynamic learning experiences.


Activate Your Content.
  •  Easily build engaging learning programs, without any coding language required.
  •  Choose from a comprehensive library of activities to make learning interactive.
  •  Create and organize dynamic content into playlists that align with your learning objectives.
  •  Customize the experience to match your brand look and feel.

CurrikiStudio has a library of over 50 “interactive-by-design” learning activities,
so we can be your one-stop-shop for creating immersive learning experiences.


Advanced Fill In The Blanks


Audio Recorder

Arithmetic Quiz

Branching Scenario



  •  Our multi-site publishing environment enables you to share digital content anywhere, taking the hard work out of connecting your content with team members.
  •  Publish your training, courses and learning modules directly to your website and many LMSs in one simple step with CurrikiGo.


  • Curriki has pioneered CurrikiGo, an open source content publishing methodology that allows organizations to share content across 3rd party platforms, customized to your specifications. We leverage the Tsugi framework for publishing via LTI and all other integrations are implemented as part of the Curriki API.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use CurrikiStudio?

Curriki has pioneered an open source content publishing methodology that allows organizations to share content across 3rd party platforms…

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What is/isn’t CurrikiStudio?

We think it’s critically important to be the best at what we do in order to offer the most value to our customers – and that’s why we have a laser…

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What are the steps for getting started with CurrikiStudio?

  • Contact our team to discuss your goals with interactive learning.
  • Check out our showcase of…

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How long does it take to learn how to use CurrikiStudio?

Think of CurrikiStudio as using a platform like Squarespace, Wix, or Canva – you need to orient yourself…

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Does CurrikiStudio cost anything?

CurrikiStudio is free and open source, meaning you can take all of the technology and run! Your organization will need to use a cloud-hosting…

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Do you offer training or professional development on CurrikiStudio?

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our…

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What are some examples of courses built with CurrikiStudio?

We have partners that range from K-12 schools to colleges and universities to edtech startups to major corporations…

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How does CurrikiStudio work with my existing technology, like an LMS?

CurrikiStudio is an IMS Global certified organization. We recognize that…

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Can I use CurrikiStudio as an individual educator?

Yes! Our demo environment is free and available for usage with Google Classroom. You can create…

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What is the process for bringing CurrikiStudio to my district or organization?

Any organization can get started with CurrikiStudio by Contact us so we…

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Can my organization white label or resell CurrikiStudio?

Yes! You can download the entire CurrikiStudio package and incorporate it into your technology infrastructure…

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