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Who is Curriki is an education technology nonprofit that has been revolutionizing the way digital learning content is distributed and openly shared for over a decade. Our mission is to shape the future of learning. We make interactive learning experiences accessible for everyone by providing free and open source tools to design, customize, and publish content all in one place. 

What CurrikiStudio is (and what it’s not): CurrikiStudio is an open-source technology platform to create (from scratch or through modification of existing content) interactive learning experiences – created with a vision to help accelerate the speed of how the market can tip towards all learning experiences being more engaging and immersive. Users can (a) create digital and interactive content and (b) share that content anywhere/everywhere (i.e., LMS platforms, websites, shareable links). Check out this quick video to learn more. CurrikiStudio is NOT an LMS (Learning Management System) but we do allow for sharing content created into an LMS.