What’s New With CurrikiStudio? Updates as of November 2020

CurrikiStudio is constantly  innovating to make the best digital learning design platform for educators and learning content designers. Exciting things are happening here! Read on to get new updates to CurrikiStudio and see what’s coming! 

Enhancements to CurrikiStudio

Publish and Combine with Assets in Your LMS

One of our most popular requests from schools and districts is now a reality. You can now  publish your projects and playlists to your LMS (Canvas LMS, Google Classroom, and Moodle) AND combine it with other elements of your existing curriculum within the LMS.

Duplicate Projects and Playlists

In CurrikiStudio you can now create identical copies of your projects, playlists, and activities to customize and repurpose. This will save  time in creating alternative versions of something you want to reuse again and again.

Sample Projects for Inspiration

 For inspiration, sample projects are now available!  You can also “favorite” projects for easy access!

Share and Submit Content to Showcase

You can submit your projects and playlists to the Project Showcase for review and contribution to the CurrikiStudio Showcase.

Plus, you can easily see the status of what you have shared (projects/playlists/activities).

Administration Portal (for institutions)

We have created a management portal for administrators of institutions to manage users, assets, and pull usage reports.

CurrikiOne Community

We are excited that we have over 3,000 CurrikiStudio users and have built a page just for this community. The CurrikiOne portal provides key Curriki resources, forums, and examples of success of our growing community of content authors.

Managed Service Providers

We are actively working on allowing CurrikiStudio institutions to upgrade from demo access to full access by signing up for storage and bandwidth on their provider of choice. Our partnership with Amazon Web Services is nearly complete. Our next focus after completing our launch with AWS we will be ready for review with Linode. A partnership with Microsoft Azure is being planned in the future.

Other updates planned for the rest of 2020

In the coming months, watch for some really exciting additions to CurrikiStudio!

  • Google Classroom Grade Passback
  • Publishing to the CurrikiLibrary
  • Enabling self-contained libraries for institutions
  • Project Templates
  • Collaboration and conferencing 

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