Ways Instructional Specialists Can Use CurrikiStudio to Support Teachers This Fall

For many, back to school means transitioning from face-to-face instruction to online learning.

After a summer including a break from remote learning, teachers, parents, and students are anxiously awaiting decisions from their school districts on whether schools reopening in the fall will include in-person instruction once again. With COVID-19 infection numbers increasing across the country and surging across the south coast to coast, districts are making their final decisions. Many large districts are announcing a return to 100% online learning at least for the start of the school year.  Instructional technology and curriculum specialists are scrambling to support teachers in multiple ways. Here is how they can use CurrikiStudio as an integrated tool to streamline the consequent technology overwhelm.

If you can dream it, you can build it.

One significant concern teachers can have with transitioning their classroom instruction to a full online format is being able to capture the same level of engagement and immersion in the learning. Teachers want to best prepare their students for a successful future by cultivating skills through innovative learning methods in creativity and critical thinking. CurrikiStudio is a free content-authoring suite that allows teachers to customize their distance learning with such innovation. You can think of CurrikiStudio as the paintbrush, the curriculum content is the paint, and the finished masterpiece of instruction is the product of the teacher’s imagination. You can sign up for beta user access to CurrikiStudio to get started for using it with teachers.

Here is how CurrikiStudio works.

Streamline the teacher’s distance learning creation

CurrikiStudio can act as a one-stop-shop to create an online learning experience for students. In the spring, it was common for teachers’ remote instruction to include multiple links to activities of various online tools across the internet.  CurrikiStudio houses 40+ interactive features teachers can customize and integrate into a lesson including interactive video, self-paced adaptive learning scenarios, 360 virtual experiences, and more.  All of these interactive tasks and activities can be grouped in bingeable playlists for students to explore. Specialists can be a teacher’s partner in selecting appropriate interactions and helping build playlists together.

Publish the content to the LMS of your district

Are you using Google Classroom, Moodle, Canvas or a website? A feature of CurrikiStudio is CurrikiGo, which allows teachers to easily publish and deploy their learning playlists to the learning management system already being used by their district.

NOTE: CurrikiGo and its publishing capabilities will be discussed at our upcoming free webinar July 30 at 1PM EDT.

Specialists can help create playlists, modules, or even full courses and publish them to the teacher’s online classroom. Steps on how to publish to our LMS can be found in the CurrikiStudio Help Center.

How to get started

  1. Sign up.Right now we are accepting beta users for CurrikiStudio. You can sign up for access here. You will then receive login credentials and can start creating!
  2. Create your first Project.
  3. Create learning Playlists in your Project.
  4. Publish to your LMS using CurrikiGo.

Build for the first weeks of school

Now is the time to start developing Projects for teachers for the first weeks of school. Welcoming videos, introductory activities, and classroom expectations can now be made “interactive” with students using CurrikiStudio. It’s a great place to start with seeing the capabilities, ease, and impact CurrikiStudio created learning includes. Good luck!